We're Planetdreaming. Pleased to meet you!

So what is Planetdreaming?

Planetdreaming is your new bargain travel deals hub.

For too long you have paid far too much to explore the world, and we’re not going take it anymore!

So how does our site work?

We search far and wide for cheap travel deals; then we put them on our site in one big convenient place

So why use our site?

So many sites have popped up over the years which makes finding those bargain travel deals easier than they have ever been before. In our opinion finding those super cheap deals still requires a lot of searching.

For flights, we search all the cheapest dates in one month brackets and create a link for all the bargain dates to choose one which suits you best; This gives you some flexibility which a lot of cheap travel sites do not give you.

If you have a question regarding one of our deals then please email us at planetdreaming@hotmail.com

Flights, Hotels and Holidays at planetdreaming.co.uk are manually researched. There is no guarantee that the deals are up-to-date. If there is a issue with one of the deals, you must contact the website/company which you booked with. 

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