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Cheap flights to Amsterdam. Take a look at our latest cheap flight dates to Amsterdam from the UK.

Ever dreamt of Amsterdam? We have found you a cheap flight deal to Amsterdam from Luton in February, We also have a few other cheap flight dates from Luton, Manchester and London further down the page allowing you to be more flexible, but save money! 

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Return flights from Luton to Amsterdam from only £33!

 *Prices subject to change

*Prices subject to change

Flight details

  • Flights from Luton airport on the 3rd of February

  • 1 hour and 25 minute flight to Amsterdam airport

  • Return flight on the 6th February from Amsterdam airport

  • 1 hours and 10 minute flight to Luton airport

  • Flights include 10kg hand luggage allowance per person

  • Upgrades available

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Flight details

  • All flights from operated by EasyJet

  • All flights include 10kg hand luggage allowance per person

  • Upgrades and extras available on all flights

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Five things to do in Amsterdam

5- The Sex Museum
We mentioned before that to enjoy this city you embrace all it has to offer, and that applies to this first activity. The Sex Museum is what it says on the tin. This place isn't shy about what it displays, so be ready to pose for some funny photos and to laugh the whole way around this unique museum. 

4- Rent a bike
Amsterdam is extremely bike friendly; in fact, there are more bikes than people in Amsterdam. You will find bike lanes all over the city making riding around this great city pretty simple.

Unless you packed a bike in your suitcase, then you're going to need to rent a bike. follow this link to find out the best places to rent a bike in Amsterdam

3- Van Gogh Museum
Founded in 1973 the Van Gogh Museum has 200 paintings, 400 drawings and 700 letters by Van Gogh. The museum contains some of Van Gogh's most famous works of art including the potato eaters, sunflowers and almond blossoms. We will warn you this place is one of the most popular places in Amsterdam so pre-booking your ticket before you arrive is essential to avoid huge queues. Follow this link to purchase tickets

2- Visit the red light district
Again, remember to enjoy Amsterdam you must embrace all it has to offer. The red light district is possibly the most famous thing in Amsterdam. This area consists of lots of bars, sex shops, peep shows, brothels and prostitutes in red-lit windows. Now we aren't suggesting the red light district because of those things; we are suggesting visit this place to witness something that is truly unique, and isn't that what travelling is all about?

1- Anne Franks House
Everyone has heard of Anne Frank and her story. Anne Frank and her family went into hiding in a secret annex in their house for two years to avoid being captured by the Nazi's during world war 2. Sadly they were eventually discovered and sent to concentration camps where Anne and the rest of her family sadly died except for her father, Otto. Anne Franks diary which was written while she was in hiding has been written in 70 different languages and sold almost 30 Million copies. 

The Anne Frank house museum takes you round the whole house and then into the secret annex where Anne and her family lived for two years. 

To avoid queuing, make sure you pre-book your tickets. Here is a link to help