Planetdreaming's guide for cheapest flights

Websites like Skyscanner, Kayak and Momondo are one of the best things to ever happen to the travel industry. These websites gave people the power to find their own cheap flights and inspired them to believe that these far away destinations were possible to travel to.

These kind of websites are the screwdriver inside a travellers toolbox, they are that important, but websites like Skyscanner, Kayak and Momondo are exactly that, tools.

Tools are extremely useful, but only when someone is using them correctly. I have written a short (hopefully) easy to follow guide to help you use the above mentioned websites correctly, so you can find cheaper flights.

1-Don’t be destination picky

This part is more directed at the people who have certain dates in mind. So lets say your lovely employers have told you that these particular dates are your vacation time, you tried to book the week before off but sadly Paul from accounts has taken that week to take his mum to the Great Yarmouth Festival of Bowls. So like it or not this is your week to explore the world. So our simple advice is to be open to where you're flying to. The chances of you finding a great price for the location you want combined with particular dates gives you a small chance of hitting the airfare jackpot. For this we're going to use skyscanner as an example. Simply input your particular dates and where it says and where it says “to” input “everywhere”. Skyscanner then searches flights for nearly every destination in the world (sadly Yarmouth isn’t one of them) and ranks them in price order from cheapest to most eye wateringly expensive.

Benefits of this method is that you find the cheapest deals for your chosen dates and also gives you a great big dose of travel inspiration.

2-Try to be flexible

Having particular dates for a trip can drastically reduce your chances of finding a flight bargain, but obviously we know sometimes that isn’t always possible. If you do have date flexibility on your side it does mean that you can be picky with your destination.

So lets say you want to explore the beauty of Barcelona for example, simply in the Skyscanner search bar put Barcelona as your desired location but this time instead of searching a particular date you click the section which says “depart” and select “whole month” and then select “cheapest month”. After you have clicked search, Skyscanner will search all flights to Barcelona in a 12 to 13 month period.

This method will bring up two calendars of the cheapest month. Now its your turn to play around with the dates. The aim is to try and match up the cheapest departing flight and the cheapest return flight. The prices on the calendar are estimated prices so our advice would be play around with a few different dates to find the true value for money deal.

3- Do a little research

Lets say you do have a particular destination in mind but maybe have some flexibility with the dates. Make sure you research your desired location to be certain there isn’t a major event going on in the city at a particular time you plan on visiting. This can possibly make your trip so much more expensive than it needs to be.

For example last year we were researching cheap flights to Kiev and couldn’t understand why the flights for the dates we needed were so ridiculously high. Turns out that Kiev was hosting the football European cup final that week meaning that flight and hotel prices went up to more than double there normal rate.