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Finding a value for money hotel.

Finding a place to rest your head when exploring the world isn’t just big chain hotels any more. Huge hotel websites like and AirBnB have literally opened up a huge range of choice to the common traveller. Now nearly anyone can advertise their property on these sites. Some property’s are good and some are not so good. We have 3 things we look out for when booking a hotel and we hope these 3 points can help you too.

Is the hotel to good to be true?

In January Planetdreaming explored India. When we started to book our hotels we quickly saw how varied the prices were in India. Some places could be $200 a night and some places could be $10 a night, it was crazy. We used one simple method for booking our hotels in India, ratings.

Sometimes in India you will come across a hotel which is super cheap but looks stunning, but as my dad says to say “if its to good to be true, it probably is”. Basing your hotel searches on ratings and reviews is a great start to finding a great value for money hotel.

People who have actually been to the hotel and spent a night there, are a hotel bookers best friend. Try to read a few reviews ranging from the bad ones and the good ones. When reading the reviews try to look for comments on things which are important to you. For example if customer service is important to you, and you find a number of reviews saying the hotels customer service is poor, then its probably true. If the poor reviews are minimal and out dated, then maybe take them with a pinch of salt.


Location to me has to be one of the most important things to consider when choosing your hotel. If your hotel is too far away from where you want to be it can mean spending a lot of time and money on transport. Lets say you are booking a hotel in the city of Berlin, first you need to decide what do you plan on doing in the day and the evening. So me for example in the day I’m going to go see some sights in the city centre and in the evening I will maybe go out for a few drinks.

So first I would view on a map all the sites I might see and then look where the best night life is in Berlin. Ideally I will pick a hotel which is close to the tourist sites but also close to the nightlife. This way I don’t spend half my trip experiencing Berlin on the U-Bahn.

Sometimes you might find a great hotel which is cheap, but if its located on the opposite side of town you will have to ask yourself, is the money I’m saving worth the time I will spend sitting in taxis or public transport?

So you have read the reviews, checked out this hotels location and so far so good except for one thing.

Is the hotel value for money?

Everyone travels in different ways. Some people love to splash the cash, some people will choose the cheapest possible option. We aren’t saying either way is right, but we aren’t saying either way is wrong.

The questions I ask myself when booking a hotel is, is it value for money and does it suit me. So again using Berlin as an example I will search all the hotels in Berlin and see the standards, why is the cheapest place the cheapest and why is the most expensive place is the most expensive place. A hotel might be expensive because of its name and its historical reputation or maybe because its in a posh part of town. A hotel may be cheap because of its location, the facilities or even because of its rating.

The places your are looking for are the hotels where their price and quality don’t match, in a good way.

Doing a filtered search on your chosen hotel website can quickly get rid of the hotels which don’t suit you. So do you want a private bathroom? Does breakfast need to be included? Is it important to you that the room has a safe? Doing a somewhat detailed filtered search can really narrow down your options so you can zero in on the hotel that suits you.

So when comparing the final list of hotels I would consider its location, its ratings and reviews and does it look like somewhere I would find comfortable and is it in my original budget? If the hotel you prefer is a little bit more money, why not pick that one? Why spend all that money flying all that way and stay somewhere you don’t like?

The memories of a great trip are priceless.

Happy travels dreamers!

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