5 Things to do in Geneva

5 Things to do in Geneva

Encircled by the Alps and mountains, Geneva is the global hub for diplomacy, banking, and luxury stores. You will find the headquarters of many international organizations such as Europe’s United Nations and the Red Cross. French influence is also widespread throughout the city as it is bordered with many French cities.

5-Jet d'Eau - The Water Jet

Naturally, we started off by heading to Lake Geneva for the famous Jet d’Eau. We were on the other side of Lake Geneva, so we had to take a ferry to cross it. The fountain is hard to miss as it is the most popular landmark of Geneva, standing as one of the tallest fountains in the world. It was originally built in 1886 and quickly became the symbol of strength and ambition of Geneva. This 140-foot fountain fires 500 liters of water into the air, so you can’t help but marvel at how impressive it is. 

Since tourists are allowed to get close to it, they are warned to be careful. At certain times of the day, the wind can change direction in an instant and drench everyone nearby. Make sure to plan your trip because it runs on a schedule, and be sure to grab some gelato, relax and enjoy the views.

Jet d'Eau

Jet d'Eau

Fountain at Jardin Anglais

Fountain at Jardin Anglais

4-Take a Stroll Through Jardin Anglais

The Jardin Anglais was very close to the Jet d’Eau and on our way to Old Town. It is an urban park along the harbor of Lake Geneva with beautiful twisting paths, gazebos, fountains and a flower clock. It was equivalent to what you might see in Central Park with people lounging all over the park.

3-Don't Miss Out on Old Town Geneva

A prehistoric maze of narrow streets and picturesque squares, the Old Town of Geneva dates back 2,000 years in history. It is filled with historical landmarks, art galleries, homey cafes and restaurants, and luxury shops.

2-The Bourg-de-Four-Square

The Bourg-de-Four-Square is the oldest square in Geneva and thus, a great starting point. It used to be a Roman Marketplace for trade, but today you’ll find the square kept its authentic atmosphere with its cute coffee shops, outdoor seating and terraces all around. The facade style architecture and medieval fountains made it seem like taking a stroll through time. We spent the next couple of hours walking through the city enjoying the views

The Bourg-de-Four-Square

The Bourg-de-Four-Square

The Old Arsenal

The Old Arsenal

1-The Old Arsenal

Originally built as a granary in the 15th century, it was later transformed into a depot for weapons. It has 5 cannons which were used all the way until the 19th century. The cannons are displayed against beautiful mosaics, each one presenting a glimpse into Geneva’s’ history.

One thing we wished we visited was the St Peter’s Cathedral which is known for amazing views of Geneva. We spent the next couple of hours walking through the city without any direction simply enjoying the atmosphere until we reached the river. This time we walked across the bridge instead of taking the ferry.

Bonus-Chocolate and Cheese!

Chocolate and cheese are as much a part of Switzerland as banks and watches. It is truly the land of chocolate and cheese. The key difference is in the cows’ diet. The milk is un-pasteurized making the cream fresh and savory. Our families back home LOVE this combo, so it was the best gift to bring back. Be sure to check out a few places and try out the samples! Check out Sweetzerland and Läderach for your chocolate cravings and La Fromagerie de Genève for cheese!

5 things to do in geneva
5 things to do in Geneva

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