5 Things to do in LA

5 Things to do in LA

Hi! I’m Jayne from Well Travelled Munchkins and we are a travel blog all about travelling the world with small children. One of our favourite holidays of late was a Californian road trip starting and ending in the amazing city that is Los Angeles! I’m a huge fan of Hollywood, but on this trip I discovered that there is so much more to do in the sprawling city of angels. So, here are our 5 top things to do in LA!

5-Griffith Observatory and the Hollywood Sign

If you have seen the film La La Land or Rebel Without a Cause then you will have seen the Griffith Observatory. The Iconic building is situated at the top of Griffith Park, where you can be treated to breathtaking views of Downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood. The observatory isn’t just there to look at though! You can go inside for free and explore the exhibits, look through the telescopes (on certain days and times) and for a small charge of $7, visit the Planetarium. And if that wasn’t enough, you can also get some amazing views of the Hollywood sign! This has to be one of the top picks for things to do when visiting LA!

5 things to do in LA
5 things to do in LA

4-La Brea Tar Pits

Visiting the museum and grounds of La Brea Tar Pits is great day out for all ages - especially if you have seen Last Action Hero with Arnold Schwarzenegger! We learnt all about the pre-historic animals that had been found in each pit and how meticulously each bucket of tar and dirt is sorted through so as not to miss anything. It’s hard not to find a stick and test for yourself how sticky the tar is… safe to say, you soon realise there’s was no getting out of it once those animals found themselves trapped.

3-Santa Monica and Venice Beach

At the other end of LA you will find Santa Monica and Venice Beach. If you have seen Forrest Gump then you will have seen Santa Monica Pier - It’s LA, there is always a film reference to be had! On the pier you can have your picture taken with the end of the historic Route 66 sign, have a go on the arcades and watch people fishing off the end of the pier. You can walk along the beach collecting Sand Dollars and grab a bite at a Perry’s cafe before hiring a bike and riding along to Venice Beach. You can easily spend the whole day exploring the land of electric scooters, bicycles and personal sound systems before you even spend any time soaking up the sun!

5 things to do in LA
5 things to do in LA

2-Disneyland Resort California

Regardless if you are with or without children, there is always fun to be had at Disneyland! You can take your pick of either Disneyland or California Adventure Park, or if you are a fan you can do both! The cheapest way to do both parks is to visit them one day at a time, rather than opting for a hopper ticket. There are no real ‘deals’ to be had on park tickets until you start to spend over three days in Disney, so it depends what sort of holiday you are planning on. We are huge Disney fans (we have a princess obsessed three year old) so this was a must for us.

1-Hollywood Boulevard

No visit to LA is complete without a visit to Hollywood Boulevard. Start your visit at the Four Ladies of Hollywood gazebo and stroll along to Mann’s Chinese Theatre - where back in the day you would have seen an undiscovered Will Smith performing for the crowds, and the Dolby Theatre to experience the glitz of the Oscars. You will also have loads of fun looking at the stars under your feet and having a good look around the many many souvenir shops.

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