5 Things to do in Madrid

5 Things to do in Madrid

Hi, all! I’m Stephanie and I run The Roving Fox, a blog dedicated to travel, beauty, and lifestyle tips. I was recently in Madrid and was charmed by the city. It’s a cultural paradise, where you can enjoy a number of world-class museums, live music and flamenco, restaurants, parks, and more. Here are the top 5 things I’d recommend in Madrid:

5-Visit El Retiro Park

In the heart of Madrid is a lush 350 acre park called Parque del Buen Retiro or more simply, El Retiro. The park is an urban oasis for people looking to relax, go for a jog, or enjoy the park on a sunny day. The beautiful park is filled with monuments, open green spaces, and a lake where people can rent paddle boats. After a stroll around the park, check out the rose garden, Crystal Palace which was built in 1887!

El Retiro Park  Photo by Roving Fox

El Retiro Park

Photo by Roving Fox

Templo de Debod  Photo by Roving Fox

Templo de Debod

Photo by Roving Fox

4-Admire a real Egyptian Temple

Originally constructed in the 2nd Century AD, the Templo de Debod spent thousands of years based near the Nile River. When Egypt constructed the Aswan High Dam beginning in 1960, the Temple was in risk of being flooded and destroyed. The government relocated the Temple to Madrid in 1968 as a sign of thanks for Spain’s assistance in saving the Abu Simbel temple. Today, you can walk around the perimeter of the three structures, which still face east to west, as they did in Egypt.

3-Visit the Madrid Almudena Cathedral

One of the most recognizable landmarks in Madrid, the Almudena Cathedral is a major draw for visitors. It took many years for the Cathedral to be completed, and construction started in 1883. It wasn’t consecrated until 1993, however! Mostly in a Gothic style, the interior domes are brightly decorated, giving a light and airy feeling to the Cathedral. Admission is free, but a small donation would be appreciated. While you’re at the Cathedral, pay a visit to the crypt and admire its intricate artwork and sculptures.

Madrid Almudena Cathedral  Photo by Roving Fox

Madrid Almudena Cathedral

Photo by Roving Fox

Churros and Jamón Ibérico  Photo by Roving Fox

Churros and Jamón Ibérico

Photo by Roving Fox

2-Take in a Flamenco Show

Don’t miss a traditional Flamenco show in Madrid! Many performances include the show and dinner, making it a perfect end to a long day of sightseeing. It is traditional to have a small ensemble of dancers and musicians on stage. Each takes their turn with a solo performance of Flamenco dance, guitar, or singing, as the others provide backup percussion and support. The costumes are especially interesting, with the many layers of ruffles for the ladies, and short jacket for men.

1-Eat Churros and Jamón Ibérico

Two of the most famous items to sample in Madrid are Churros and Jamón Ibérico! It is most traditional to order a plate of churros, which comes with a small cup of hot chocolate. You can dip the churros in the chocolate, which is thicker than a usual hot chocolate drink. Anything left over in the cup can be eaten with a small spoon the restaurant will provide. Jamón Ibérico is kept in almost every restaurant in Madrid, and it’s traditional to have a small piece or two on a variety of different tapas. Give it a try on sliced bread or with cheese for a satisfying and salty mid-day snack!

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