5 Things to do in Spiti

5 Things to do in Spiti

Spiti is a place which has so much to offer. It is known as the cold dessert and lies right in the middle of the upper Himalayas. One will fall in love with it the instant he/she enters this place. Not only it is beautiful but seeing the raw and peaceful life of the locals here is refreshing.

Below I will talk about five things that you should not miss while in this place. Not only these five things will intrigue you more about Spiti but will also surprise you at the same time.

5-Walk on the Asia’s Highest Bridge

A little ahead of Kibber there is a bridge called Chichim bridge that connects Chichim village to Kibber village. Earlier people used to go from one village to another using trolleys, or hiking all the way down in the valley and then trekking back up. The opening of the bridge has made the life of these villagers very easy. Not only this, the bridge is also very picturesque and beautiful.

4-Trek to the Lakes

Spiti is not only famous for its mountains, but even the lakes here are gorgeous. If you are in Spiti you should not miss out on these. They are so blue and gorgeous, surrounded with white snow peaks. The most famous ones are Dhankar Lake and Chandratal Lake.

Worlds highest post office

Worlds highest post office



3-Witness the Marine Fossils

In Langza, close to Hikkim, you can find million years old marine fossils. Earlier tourists used to come here to hunt for them, however due to excessive misuse government has not banned the search of fossils. However, if you go to a homestay in Langza, they themselves will show you the marine fossils that they collected.

2-Visit the World’s Highest Post Office

Imagine receiving a postcard from the world’s highest post office by your loved one. In the village Hikkim you can but letters and postcards and mail it to your family and friends.

1-Spot the Snow Leopard

If you wish to go on an expedition to spot the snow leopards, Spiti is the place for you. The village Kibber situated right in Spiti is famous for this. During the winter season many groups and explorers come here to spot it.

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