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Travel Stories Week 4


What is the best place you have visited?

Ohhhh define best? I have wanted to go to Egypt my entire life and I finally did - it was incredible, I loved every moment. But I always return to Greece. I accidentally lived there, I want nothing more than to return there, I love the food as much as the history.... 

Can I be cheeky and say it's a draw? 

What is the best sight you have ever seen while traveling?

While I was travelling from Kathmandu to Pokhara in Nepal, we were using the main road- which was still kinda being built. For whatever, road construction related, reason there was a massive delay. So we got out and started walking, and along the way we met a group of guys on their way to a wedding. Himalayan backdrop, mud and construction equipment everywhere, and a line of ten identically dressed men in impeccable suits balancing on the rock wall that marked a thousand foot drop down a mountain side. All laughing and smiling, happy to stop and talk. That memory still makes me smile to think about. 


What is your best travel story?

Probably my most told one is about how I accidentally got a job and lived in Greece for three months. I went for a summer school on Santorini and completely fell in love with the place. Then a friend said that he wanted to leave the island, and would I like his job? I ended up working at a different place, but 2 weeks turned into 3 months, a trip to Italy, a trip to Sweden/Turkey/Greece a year later, and three of the best friends I've had the privilege of having. 

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