Travel Stories Week 12

Travel Stories Week 12


What's your favorite place you have visited?

It is definitely Madeira Island. I usually do not visit the same destination twice, but Madeira, although a very small island, is so rich in things to do and places to see, that one holiday is not enough. Just like many other tourists – after coming home from the first trip, I was already busy planning the next one. I have been there three times so far, and my bucket list is still full of places I did not have a chance to visit yet, such as Calhau da Lapa.

What’s the best thing you have seen while travelling?

Without a doubt, the best thing I have seen were the dolphins during my “Swimming with dolphins” tour. Not only had I fulfilled my dream of seeing these beautiful animals in their natural habitat, underwater, they were also curious to see me - they swam next to me and in front of me. The waters around Madeira are so clean, I could see them so well; it seemed as if I was in a different universe. Coming back on board of the boat was such a sad moment. I took a couple of pictures with my underwater camera, but the views and sounds you experience during these sort of tours, these are just priceless. No picture or video will ever be able to picture it. 


What’s your best travel story?

Uff, there are so many. I still smile when I think about seeing “We accept Visa and Mastercard” signs in the most remote or unexpected places of the world, such as a tiny Indian market in the middle of the Nevada desert, where an old Indian lady dressed in her traditional costume was selling a couple of handmade feather earrings. 

From the most recent adventures I think the funniest one relates to my brother’s accident while visiting Fajã dos Padres in Madeira. My brother must have been really fascinated with the gardens at Faja dos Padres, because he was looking at them while walking at the same time, which unfortunately resulted in a sprained ankle! The car was parked on top of the cliff and as I mentioned already, on Fajã, there are no roads and no cars, so – what to do?

After half an hour of looking for help, my brother was already sitting… in a shovel of a small garden dumpster truck, the only vehicle available in Fajã do Padres. The compassionate local Portuguese gardener transported him this way, up to the cable car station. My brother became a real tourist attraction, and his royal journey in a shovel among banana trees was vastly photographed by tourists from around the world. I would not be surprised to once come across his pictures on some travel blogs. Please do not think that I am a terrible sister laughing at my brother’s misery- in spite of the pain in his ankle, he also couldn’t stop laughing during this crazy adventure. As a modern day tourist, of course he even took a selfie during his journey in a shovel. Check my blog to see it!

Tell us about your blog?

I fell in love with Madeira, Portugal, so I decided to start a destination wedding/travel blog focusing entirely on that archipelago. Check my blog if you are planning your holidays in Madeira, or just the opposite, if you have never heard about the island. Pleae be warned – seeing the beautiful videos and pictures might result in a sudden urge to pack your suitcases and book your next dream holidays in Madeira!

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Travel Stories week 12
Travel Stories week 12