Travel Stories Week 18

Travel Stories Week 18


What's your favorite place you have visited?

We have been to many places, and I have fallen in love with most of them for many different reasons. But I am a beach person and love our time spent on an island the most. This is a hard question to answer, and one I get asked all of the time. I have been to many beautiful places, but nothing quite compares with our recent visit to Con Dao Island in Vietnam. The island has yet to become an international tourist destination even though the Vietnamese have been vacationing there for years. Most of the island is still untouched, there is hardly any traffic on the streets, and you can walk to anywhere in the town in a few minutes. Many of the beaches are still undeveloped, and at times it felt as if we were on our own deserted island.

What’s the best thing you have seen while travelling?

This question is an easy one to answer. It would be a sunset on Kuta Beach in Bali. Not only is the sunset beautiful, but the beach fills with both tourists and locals who have come out to watch the sunset together. I have never seen so many people in one place enjoying themselves. The feeling of peacefulness and enjoyment surrounding you is something I have not experienced anywhere else in my life. It was an excellent opportunity to meet many different people and share a memorable moment in our lives with each other.


What’s your best travel story?

So far we have been fortunate in our experiences traveling. The funniest part for us is we now joke how flight delays only happened to us here in the US. Once when we were almost heading our connecting flight was canceled at JFK airport which is just a two to three-hour drive from our home. They could not get us on another flight until the next day, so we rented a car and drove home in the middle of the night. Our luggage caught up with us two days later.

Tell us about your blog

The name of our blog “More Than A Destination” was inspired by our enjoyment of immersing ourselves into the culture of the places that we visit instead of just passing through the destinations. We are a husband & wife team married for 24 years and are now empty-nesters seeing the world together. Over the years we have helped many friends in their travel planning and felt that we could help more people by documenting our experiences and ideas on the blog.
Our blog is where we share our passion for travel with our readers through travel journals, itineraries, best travel tips, accommodation reviews, and our insights into the locales we have visited.
Our site focuses on our budget planning and tips for affordable flights, and transportation to help other travelers plan their journeys. We have fallen in love with Southeast Asia and have traveled there again and again. You can find current and past trips on the blog with recommendations on what to do, where to stay and what you can expect the costs to be.

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Travel Stories week 18
Travel Stories week 18