Travel Stories Week 19

Travel Stories Week 19


What's your favourite place you have visited?

India is so varied not only culturally but also geographically that each state is like a wonderland by itself. While there are beautiful sand dunes of Rajasthan, there are awesome beaches of Goa and then of course the Mesmerising Taj Mahal in Agra.

One of my most memorable cycle rides has been on the Himalayas. I had cycled from Manali which has some very beautiful himalaya mountain ranges to Leh which is a a high altitude desert land. In a matter of 480 kms, the change in the topography was phenomenal. I had cycled upto the height of 5300 m, it was a surreal - challenging expedition.

What’s the best thing you have seen while travelling?

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet.”

I couldn’t agree more when I heard the sweet sound of whistles by which people address each other in the village of Kongthong in Meghalaya, India. In this beautiful village people don't have names. A tradition which is carried on since time immemorial, each child at the time of birth is given a unique tune by his mother and that is what becomes the name of that person.

I found this place incredibly beautiful and unique. My kids loved staying in the cottages built entirely of bamboo and wood, designed in a way that is traditional to the area.

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Light Travel Action

What’s your best travel story?

We were ‘Swept Away’ both literally and figuratively by the Mawryngkhang Trek in India.

The Mawryngkhang Trek in Wahkhen, Meghalaya, India starts with a bamboo bridge over broomstick farm. The bamboo bridge gradually takes you over beautiful blue water natural pools and eventually you find yourself on the bridge which is perched on the side of huge solid rock with deep valley down below.

The sturdy and eco-friendly bamboo bridges have been constructed using bamboo and are tied with cane ropes. At very few places one finds that nails have been used for fixing. It’s a marvel to see how the local engineers have mastered the art of making bamboo bridges over such deep gorge.

The only support to the bridge being the steep, smooth edge of the rock alongside which the bridge runs. That is why I call this trek – The Trek of Faith – as you walk on the bamboo bridge having complete faith in the indigenous engineering of the indigenous tribes of Wahkhen.

The youngest child on this family trek of ours was 10 years old and the oldest was 13. I should add here that the kids were at all points ahead of us while we followed huffing and puffing.

Tell us about your blog

Ours is a Family Travel Blog where we curate our family travels. We are the “Dhakkad Ghumakkads” which means “Dauntless Travellers”. We love traveling with our children, our parents and at times cousins and nephews and nieces. Over the years we have learnt the art of (surviving ;)) traveling together :)

We believe that you don't have to be rich or single to be able to travel. All you need is “the will to travel”.

We are soon coming out (Fingers crossed) with a Travel Picture Book for Children which would be “THE FIRST” travel picture book in India. We hope you guys would give it a read :) and be tempted to visit India.

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