Travel Stories Week 21

Travel Stories Week 21


What's your favourite place you have visited?

My favourite place I ever visited is probably Japan. I loved Malaysia as well, but Japan just a little more. I’m from Europe myself and just the difference in culture was so fascinating! In some ways, when you really think about it, Japan is just like any other country. Busy cities, people going to school and work, busy public transportation. But then again, the country is so extremely different!

I personally loved how polite and kind they are. Each time we were looking at a map, someone came up to us and helped us figure out where to go. I loved all of the strange little rules you have to obey in Japan. For example, you can’t eat or drink and walk at the same time. Well you can, but it’s frowned upon.

Everywhere you go in Tokyo or Osaka, that’s the two cities we visited, you’ll find something interesting. Whether it be cute shops with typical Japanese clothing, huge billboards blinding your eyes, the most amazing gardens or cute little alleys leading to a pretty statue. You’ll never get bored.

What’s the best thing you have seen while travelling?

Definitely the sunrise on Kos Island, Greece. This is the most memorable experience I’ve had. We saw the sun slowly rise out of the water, with all of its pretty colours and it was the prettiest thing I ever saw in my life. I would go back to Kos just for this.


What’s your best travel story?

Before we saw the sunrise I told you about above, we went to the natural hot spring on the island: Therma. It’s a small spot in the sea, almost completely cut off from the rest of the sea by rocks, and it’s heated by the volcano next to it. It’s basically an extremely hot bath that you get into. That’s what we got told. But then once you actually get into it, the ‘extremely hot bath’ doesn’t really do it justice.

Two local guys actually took me and my cousin there, in the middle of the night. We had met one of the guys the night before at a sky bar and he really wanted us to experience the island in a way that most tourists don’t experience it. So he offered to take us there. He said that it made more sense to go in the middle of the night because if you go during the day, when the sun is shining and you’re hot already, and you get into the extremely hot water…..that’s probably not a great experience. Also, during the day it is more crowded. ‘

So we went there with them in the middle of the night, no lights anywhere, just the moon and the stars. The place was pitch black and the strange scent of silver I think (kind of smells like eggs) made me feel a little sick. The water was incredibly hot, but every now and then some cold water from the sea would splash in and that was very pleasant. We just sat on the rocks in the water and chilled the entire night. There was one moment that I looked up in the sky, at all of the stars and I honestly felt like I was on another planet. The whole experience was just so surreal to me.

When the sun started to shine a little bit of light around the island, we got out of the water and went up the hill to a place where we could overlook the sea and the other, smaller, islands. And that’s where we watched the sunrise.

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Travel Stories week 21
Travel stories week 21