Travel Stories Week 23

Travel Stories Week 23


What’s your favourite place you have visited?

Studying for one year in Dornbirn, Vorarlberg (Austria), I had the chance to travel a lot in this region. My favourite place is the Lünersee. A natural mountain lake 1.970m above sea level. There is a cable car who takes you in a few minutes to this incredible location. You can also hike up, which will take you approximately one hour. Arriving at the lake you will be amazed by the colour of the water. There is a restaurant where you can eat traditional Austrian food. You can walk around the lake, which is a great walk of 6km. There’s just no way to describe the beauty of this place, you have to experience it yourself.

What’s the best thing you have seen while traveling?

In the summer of 2016 I went for two weeks to Tamale, Ghana. In this part of Ghana, you can experience the real African life. Being a volunteer at a primary school, I got the chance to work closely together with the children. It was an unforgettable experience to see and feel the cultural differences. One day, we made a trip to Mole National Park. We all came with one mission: see elephants! On our first safari, we couldn’t find them.. Big disappointment of course… The next day, one of the locals said that they have seen elephants somewhere, so we tried it again. This time, it was our lucky day!! We saw several elephants who were walking only ten meters from us. I can barely describe this feeling, seeing these elephants in their natural habitat was such an amazing feeling: pure happiness.
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What’s your best travel story?

This summer I did a road trip with my mom in Ireland. We discovered the capital of Ireland, Dublin, in only 5 hours. First, we didn’t plan to visit Dublin as we had not that much time. We could also decide to stay in our hotel, but we chose for the adventure and discover a new place in only a few hours. We walked almost 20 kilometres and were really exhausted afterwards, but it was definitely worth it. And the fact that we couldn’t see everything, is a good reason to go back. I think everyone should do more spontaneous and unplanned trips, it will be an incredible experience. Go out and explore the world, it is such a beautiful place!

Tell us about your blog

I started Journey Behind The Postcard in June 2017. On my blog, you can find trip itineraries and travel tips to inspire other travellers. I chose the name Journey Behind The Postcard as I’m collecting postcards everywhere I go. I simply want to share with you the journey behind the postcards.

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Travel stories week 23
Travel stories week 23