Travel Stories Week 24

Travel Stories Week 24

So Today We Found

What's your favourite place you have visited?

We spent our honeymoon in Iceland and it was just the most magical place ever. The people were so kind and the landscape was even more awe-inspiring than the photos make it look. We saw the Northern Lights on more than one occasion too which made it even more special. There was so much that we didn’t see though, as we were only there for six days, so we’re already making plans to go back and campervan around the entire country.

What’s the best thing you have seen while travelling?

When we set off on our full time travels, we started in Western Australia. Our first weekend there, we went on a coastal hike with our housemates. After a while of walking through the bush, we emerged out onto this cliff edge that looked out over the most pristine, empty white sand bay we’d ever seen. The water was so clear and blue. Both of us just had a huge wave of ‘Oh my God we’ve done it… we’ve quit our jobs and left our families and we’re actually in Australia’. It was an incredible feeling and an incredible sight to match.


What’s your best travel story?

This is Kez’s favourite story to tell, but not necessarily Sam’s! When we got engaged, Sam planned a mystery trip through Europe without Kez’s knowledge. The plan was to catch a train from London to Paris, then hop on a sleeper train to Verona and then on to Rome. It all started off well, and Kez was super excited. Once we got to Paris, we had a few hours until we had to get on the train to Italy so we went for a wander around the streets surrounding the Gare du Nord. When we arrived back to the station, our train wasn’t on the information boards. Sam started to panic as the whole point of the journey was to propose in Rome, so we needed to get to Italy. We finally worked out that the train was leaving from the Gare de Lyon and NOT the Gare du Nord, so we had to run through to the Metro and we made it in the nick of time. Needless to say, the rest of the journey went without a hitch, and we’ve been married now for very nearly a year!

Tell us about your blog

We are Sam and Kez, a pair of super curious, incredibly nosy travellers. Started originally as a way for us to keep in touch with our families and friends back in the UK as we embarked on our world travels, So Today We Found travel blog has grown into a worldwide community of travellers and explorers alike through the power of social media. We are all about supporting the fellow nomad and we love to hear about your adventures as well as sharing expertise of our own. If we had to describe who ourselves, we’d say that we are a budget travel couple who love navigating the world without breaking the bank. That said, we do occasionally treat ourselves to a bit of luxury, in a way that we like to call ‘Occasional Flashpacking’. The blog features perfect travel itineraries, secret places to visit, and insider tips to make the most of your travels, wherever they may take you.

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Travel Stories Week 24
Travel Stories Week 24