Travel Stories Week 26

Travel Stories Week 26


What's your favourite place you have visited?

I’ve visited over 35 countries so far, so picking a single place is near impossible! I think Morocco has got to be one of my favourite places though. I travelled there with my best friend when I was 18. I loved the diversity of the country’s landscape, from the beautiful Atlas Mountains to the serene Sahara Desert. It was also where I learnt how to properly barter. The markets in Morocco were like nothing I’d ever seen before, it was truly incredible! I’d love to go back one day.

What’s the best thing you have seen while travelling?

I’m torn between two places on this one!

The first place would be lake Bohinj in Slovenia. It was such a beautiful clear blue colour. I got there early in the morning and got to witness the morning mist over the lake. I spent a few hours trekking around just half of the huge lake and the views still never failed to impress me.

The second place is in Iceland. The Gulfoss waterfall is insane! It is the most powerful waterfall in Europe and it doesn’t disappoint! I have never seen a waterfall of that size before. It was magical!


What’s your best travel story?

In 2017 I signed up to climb Mount Kilimanjaro for the charity Dig Deep, which helps bring clean water, toilets and training to rural communities in Kenya. I climbed with my university, Durham, and a few other universities. We all met at the airport, and I remember seeing one boy who I found really attractive, his name was Oliver. We got to know each other really well during the climb and before I knew it I’d fallen in love. Both Oliver and I successfully summitted Kilimanjaro, but once we reached our hotel after the 2 day descent, he had a seizure. I went to hospital in Tanzania with Oliver and tried to look after him for the next few days as he recovered from the seizure. We soon got split up, but were reunited again a few days later when we went to Zanzibar. In Zanzibar, we went for some sunset beach walks. That’s when after just 2 weeks Oliver asked if I’d be his girlfriend! I said yes, and we have been together ever since. Now I get to travel the world with my mountain man!


Tell us about your blog

I decided to start my blog this September after interrailing around Europe for 6 weeks with my boyfriend. I’d already been to 12 countries in 2018 (now I’ve been to 13!) so decided I would start sharing my experiences.

My blog talks about all my travel adventures, my favourite travel tips, and my travel tragedies! I have had some unusual experiences to say the least… including an attempted kidnap and getting stranded in the Sahara Desert!

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Who do we have next week?

Well we’re taking a break for the Christmas, but we will be back in 2019 for more amazing travel stories! Merry Christmas and a happy new year everyone!

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