Travel Stories Week 28

Travel Stories Week 28

Places of Aum

What's your favorite place you have visited?

My readers know that I totally fell in love with Bali. I’m not a big city person, and I always seek some time alone usually on places that will bring me closer to nature, and any infrastructures of historical & spiritual importance.

It felt home the first time I got there, and truth to be told it played a huge part on my personal growth. I resonate with Balinese vibe a lot, whenever I’m there I always feel almost invincible [laughters]. I feel that the universe is backing me up, giving me whatever guidance I’m seeking.

What’s the best thing you have seen while travelling?

I’ve been wowed by a lot of sceneries, but the best thing I’ve seen so far is the sea of clouds in Marlboro Peak, a mountain in Sagada, Northern Philippines. We hiked really early to catch the sunrise, and the view didn’t disappoint. The way the sun slowly revealed itself and painted the sea of clouds gave me goosebumps. 

I’m a sunset lover, but waking up early to see such magnificent daily event that we sometimes take for granted or miss, is definitely one for the books. It also happened on my 25th bday so it’s definitely symbolic.

Travel Stories Week 28
Travel Stories Week 28

What’s your best travel story?

Every place I’ve been to gave me something to remember, but one of the best memories I have is when I traveled solo for the second time in Bali. I took a scooter ride to the countryside and stayed in this quaint village, Sidemen, which is the border of Besakih and Klung Klung. 

It is almost untouched by tourism, so there are lush greeneries everywhere and less foot traffic. The hosts were bunch of warm people, they always check if I’m doing fine in my villa and they always try to strike friendly conversations even if they’re having a hard time speaking in foreign language.  

I love how simple life is in Sidemen, plus the opportunity to have a good view of Gunung Agung everyday made my stay even more special.

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Places of Aum is the brainchild of France Herwieline Bautista, an introverted, truth seeking, moon bathing woman from the Philippines. She has a penchant for solo traveling and new ageism, so she decided to create a blog that would reflect it. Places of Aum seeks to encourage travelers like her, to find deeper meaning and peace of mind through wandering.

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Travel Stories week 28
Travel Stories week 28