Travel Stories Week 29

Travel Stories Week 29

Planet Things

What's your favourite place you have visited?

I have to say Myanmar was probably my favourite place so far! The hidden gem of Southeast Asia, not very commercial or touristy. The country has amazing food and people are really nice. It offers a lot of activities like hiking, trekking, diving… so it felt like a paradise to me! I spent 3 weeks travelling across the country but I feel like there is still a lot more to see. I would love to go back and spend more time researching the indigenous tribes.

What’s the best thing you have seen while travelling?

Few years ago I was on a little boat travelling between 2 main islands in the Philippines. It was an extremely long journey, 11 hours to be exact. Many people thought I was crazy not to take a flight there. 

Turned out I had the best journey of my life! While sitting on the side of the catamaran a group of whales decided to join us! We navigated side to side for a good 10 minutes. They were showing off, jumping and playing around. It almost looked like a dance!

Travel Stories week 29
Travel Stories Week 29

What’s your best travel story?

Well… This is indeed the funniest travel story I have! I was in Thailand (Phi Phi island) with two of my best friends (sorry I can’t share their names as they will absolutely kill me for sharing this). I love scuba diving and I had a basic PADI qualification at the time, so we booked a diving trip. Keep in mind it was their first time trying, a diving baptism.

Anyway… We were getting ready on the boat and realised the only wetsuit left for my friend to wear was an XS (with a zip on the front). Rightfully so she was really concerned, but our crazy mexican guide, with bad English and funny moustache told her not to worry!

We finally jump in the water and started the dive. 5 minutes in the water and 10 meters deep my friend’s wetsuit zip exploded right open, revealing her boobs!  Please imagine the situation: Her first time diving, struggling to keep control, rolling around with her boobs out and a mexican guy trying to push them back in to close the wetsuit.

I will never forget this travel story!

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Travel Stories week 29
Travel Stories week 29