Travel Stories Week 3

Travel Stories Week 3


What’s your favourite place you have visited?

My favorite place has to be Munnar. Munnar is surrounded by rolling hills that are carpeted with green tea gardens. Everywhere you see, there is a vast expanse of green tea leaves which are a sight to behold. Also, compared to other places in South India, the temperature is much cooler which makes it relaxing and easy to travel. There are also delicious homemade chocolates available at throwaway prices in various shops at Munnar. There are numerous mountains around Munnar which are excellent for trekking.                                                                                                      

What’s the best thing you have seen while travelling?

The inside of the Jaisalmer fort has to be the best thing I have seen while travelling. I visited it last year during my two-week long trip
to Rajasthan. What makes this the best thing was that unlike other forts people still live inside it and once you enter the fort you will feel that you have gone back in time. The inside of the fort functions like a small town surrounded by huge walls of the fort as there are hotels, restaurants, shops, buildings, temples and houses of people. Each and every infrastructure is made of yellow sandstone, which gives a distinct golden look to it. The narrow lanes and by lanes inside the fort surrounded by colourful handicraft shops is a heaven for street photography.

Jaisalmer fort

What’s your best travel story?                                                                                 

I took a solo trip to the backwaters in Alleppey earlier this year. Since I was on a budget I decided to tour the backwaters on the ferries provided by the Kerala State Water Transport Department. I got down on one of the scenic looking islands so that I could take pictures of the sunset. Sunsets in Kerala happens at around 7 pm and soon it became dark with no single soul in sight. As I was stranded on an island surrounded by backwaters, there was no way I could move to other jetties. Also, there was no network in mobile. As I was prancing around, I saw a man but he could not speak English and left. Soon, another two persons came, although they could not speak English, I managed to communicate through sign language and realized they were also waiting for the government ferry. Pretty soon, I heard the sound of an approaching boat and saw some lights in the distance and in turn the men flashed their torchlight towards the boat. Eventually, the ferry came and I hopped into it. Since, its pitch dark in the backwaters after sunset, you have to flash your mobile or torch as a signal, otherwise, the boats may not stop.

Tell us about your blog?

Exotic Photo Travel inspires people to travel beautiful places and take memorable pictures. It is a collection of interesting travel stories, a detailed guide and beautiful photos of some of the best locations that I have visited.

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Travel stories week 3
Travel stories week 3