Travel Stories Week 30

Travel Stories Week 30

World Citizen

What's your favourite place you have visited?

It super hard to pick just one, there are so many beautiful places and many more I haven't seen yet!

My favourite city would be Hong Kong, I had the pleasure of living there for one and a half years! It seems chaotic at first, but it really works like clockwork! Nature is always super close, as it's been built on steep mountains. It's basically a city in a rainforest with awesome beaches! You can also find skyscrapers, fancy restaurants, culture and bars, local heritage and modern technology. There is so much to do! What's unique is the Junk boat experience. You can rent a decent sized boat for your friends and host an all-day party there, hopping beaches and islands, do a barbecue on the boat. What's best is this is widely available to anyone, these boats go out every morning by the dozen! All you need is just to get your friends to show up at the piers!

Hong Kong is also a haven for expats: Loads of jobs are available at multinational companies, who pay decent wages. Taxes are super low, and as it attracts many skilled expats, you can always find new friends from any country in the world!

I even wrote a blog post about Hong Kong, you can find it by clicking here

If I could pick another favourite, it would be my current location, New Zealand! I am exploring the country for almost two months in a campervan with my family. What we have seen so far is breathtaking, you just can't stop taking photos!

Travel Stories Week 30
Travel Stories week 30

What’s the best thing you have seen while travelling?

Even a top 10 would be difficult! I could watch a busy city from a tall building for hours, and both Bangkok and Hong Kong offers many SkyBars for that! However, my wildlife safari in Kenya also gave me unique memories! Recently I have been to Rio de Janeiro and did a high to Dois Irmaos mountain, starting from a favela. Both the hike and the view from above was spectacular, that is my current favourite!

What’s your best travel story?

My favourite story is from Bangalore, India. I was on a business trip and on the weekend I visited Bannerghatta National Park. The tour itself was amazing, watching tigers and other wild animals from up close in a caged Jeep. Before I was going home, as I was walking back to the bus stop, I have seen a local family (=20 people) having their homemade, cooked picnic lunch sitting on the ground. They were smiling at me and waiving, inviting me to sit down to join them.

Even though their level of English was limited to about 30 words collectively, we understood each other. They were proudly made me taste all their food on banana leaves (No plastic waste, I love it!) and tried to understand where I am from, how I got there. I was humbled by their kindness, how they shared a meal with me!

Tell us about your Blog is a fairly new project, I was not writing for a few years, and I really wanted to share our adventures with others.

Why Worldcitzen?

As I lived all around the world, I start to feel I belong everywhere a bit. I start to see countries are becoming utility-providers. In a given region, they govern taxes, laws, organise education and healthcare - and if I am not happy with my provider, I could go to another one. Just like you do with your mobile provider.

Why Ninja? Well, first .com was taken (and not in use! If anyone knows how can I get it, let me know!). But travelling and moving to new countries also require ninja skills, so everything goes smoothly!

It's not just a travel blog with itineraries. I always write about my impressions and opinion, what I loved about a country I visited. I also want to help people realize, travelling is not about taking a week off from work and rushing through the TripAdvisor top10 in any given place. That is tourism. Travelling is much slower, understanding how local people think, get to know their culture and build connections.

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