Travel Stories Week 34

Travel Stories Week 34

Little Miss Turtle

What's your favourite place you have visited?

If I have to choose only one of the many beautiful destinations I've visited, it would probably be Tokyo in Japan. The vibrant mega city is not only super wheelchair-accessible but also offers sheer never ending possibilities of things to do. About 98 % of Tokyo's public transport system is wheelchair-accessible, which is incredible. I also love the perfect service for wheelchair users at the train and metro stations. If needed, a staff member guides you all the way to the train and helps you board. Another staff member awaits you at your destination to help you off the train.

What's the best thing you have seen while traveling?

The most impressive experience for me was standing on top of Sulphur Mountain in my wheelchair overlooking Banff National Park. The breathtaking National Parks of Banff and Jasper are both wheelchair-accessible. The landscape of the Canadian Rockies is simply breathtaking. I would travel there again one day.

Travel Stories Week 34
Travel Stories Week 34

What's your best travel story?

In 2013 my husband and I decided to travel to Santorini spontaneously. There was no time left to check the wheelchair accessibility of the iconic island in advance. We had to find out that Santorini isn't accessible at all with steps almost everywhere. Whenever my hubby couldn't push my wheelchair any further, he just threw me on his back and carried me. Seeing the incredibly beautiful island in the Aegean Sea was definitely worth all the efforts! I'm pretty sure we would have never visited if we had known that the island isn't wheelchair-friendly.

Tell us about your blog

In 2016 I started the Little Miss Turtle Blog to write about wheelchair accessible travel destinations around the world. On my blog, I share accessibility reviews, travel advice as well as my best accessible travel tips for wheelchair users and people with reduced mobility. Traveling is like breathing for me, I couldn't live without it! And the fact of being in a wheelchair doesn't change that a bit. Everyone has the right to travel.

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Travel Stories Week 34
travel stories week 34