Travel Stories Week 39

Travel Stories Week 39

Tia Does Travel

What's your favourite place you have visited?

I find each country and each island has so much to offer I find it impossible to answer this question! I will say that Belize took my breath away with its raw beauty and Caribbean feel. I travelled there on a trip through America and Central America 2 years ago and I felt like I landed in paradise! I also ate the best lobster of my life in Belize- on a little beach but right be the water on Kaye Caulker! Additionally Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt gave me one of the most phenomenal snorkel and scuba diving experiences of my life, and Bali was also the most peaceful, serene and utterly gorgeous Asian destination I have traveled to thus far!

What’s the best thing you have seen while travelling?

Again, so many to choose from!

The first would have to be La Fortuna Waterfall in Costa Rica. Dropping 75 meters into a bright blue pool and totally awe inspiring! The 400+ steps you need to descent to get to it were totally worth it. Thick Luch rainforest jungle surrounds this beautiful waterfall and the sound of various bird species all around you with the roaming sound of the water coming down is pure paradise.

The second would have to be my visit to an elephant sanctuary in Phuket, Thailand. Elephants are my spirit animal and I have always wanted to see them up close – but not as captives. I was so worried about Thailand, as I am very displeased to see and hear tales of animal exploitation and abuse. I avoided all paid activities that included animal shows, trekking etc and was ecstatic to find an elephant sanctuary that takes in rescued and retired working elephants and cares for them in beautiful jungle surroundings. I got to meet the elephants there, learn all about their history, diet and characteristics. I also got to feed and bathe them and I don’t think I have ever been this excited about anything In my life! It was probably the best money I spent in my entire month in Thailand!

Travel Stories week 39

What’s your best travel story?

This is more of a travel fail story but it will forever remain in my mind!

In 2017, I went on a excursion in Belize to swim with nurse sharks and manta rays. The whole ride there I kept thinking I was going to be eaten alive, and my poor mum would have to fly all the way to Central America to collect my remains! When we got to the spot, more than a dozen nurse sharks surrounded the boat – I took a deep breath in and before I could calm my nerves I jumped in. A nurse shark brushed past my leg and hysteria followed; I was convinced I was dying and nearly drowned myself with the mask trying to come up for air! By the time I regained my composure and realized I was in fact absolutely fine, the nurse sharks started swimming away and I spent the remaining half an hour swimming after them like a maniac trying to get a closer look and touch; but it turns out they are shy and kept swimming away from me! The whole crew was back on the boat eating their lunch and there was the crazy Greek girl, swimming in circles around nurse sharks until I was exhausted enough to admit defeat. The whole boat was in fits of laughter watching me go after them; you would think it would be the other way around!

Tell us about your blog

I started my blog In September of 2018 as a lot of people were coming to me for travel advice and I wanted to document my adventures around the world! I travel as much as I can and as well as I can. My posts are all about Affordable Luxury, Exotic and Tropical Holidays, Comforts and Relaxing. I travel around 4-5 times a year and for that I work 3 jobs.

I have danced in the pouring rain in China, chased sharks in Belize, got lost in NYC, climbed mountains in Costa Rica, and bathed elephants in Thailand. I have eaten my way through Italy, Egypt and Dubai, beach hopped the Greek islands and stood in awe at the waterfalls in Bali. 

In my blog I share detailed ultimate guides to destinations around the world, travel tips and budgets, reviews, photo galleries of destinations and of course..a segment with some short travel stories about my many epic travel fails.

My job is to inspire you to take the plunge. To take that trip you have always dreamed of…To fall in love with the world… to discover and dive head first into the endless wonders of this planet!

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