Travel Stories Week 41

Travel Stories Week 41

My Small Travel Guide

What's your favourite place you have visited?

Ohh, that’s a hard question, because our world is very beautiful and from every single travel, I am always trying to take everything! But, in my TOP definitely is Turkey and Croatia. I have been in both countries 2 times. In Turkey,I always had my craziest adventures but Croatia is all about nature, relax and beauty!

What’s the best thing you have seen while travelling?

The best thing I have seen while traveling are kindness, friendliness, and helpfulness. Coming from a country where people are rude and cold, you are waking up in those warm smiles and words. You see it. You feel it. And after that, I moved to Berlin, a place where I found these things!

Travel Stories week 41
Travel Stories week 41

What’s your best travel story?

It’s hard to say, what is my best travel story, but I definitely know my craziest story and best experience! It happened in my beloved Turkey when I was there the second time.

It’s a simple day, nothing special. Me and my family, we are going to the city center and looking around this beautiful city–Alanya. Near some hotel is a small shop with a big advertisement–“Paragliding for only 50 EUR''. Me–the person, who NEVER EVER thought about flying with something so unsafe just got there inside and reserved a place for the next day. Till this day I don’t know why I did it. It’s the most spontaneous decision in my life!

And then comes the next day. Without fear, just with curious, I am at the right place at the right time. And guess what, till mountain hill, we will go up with a safari car. OK, I thought, not a big deal! But when we started to drive, I stopped to laugh. On a small mountain road with no barriers, we were driving high speed but that's not the worst. The ‘'best’' came when he started to drift on this road. I saw wheels going directly along the edge and then I understand that flying with paragliding really isn’t something crazy. But this mountain safari was!

But, overall I enjoyed this mountain drive because I believe, that in the world aren’t so many crazy drifters with a safari car. Hopefully, haha.

Tell us about your blog

I started to travel when I was 12 years old. From that time traveling is a part of me. It’s my hobby and I am trying to do it as often as possible without quitting my job, leaving my home, family, and friends. The question that actually inspired me to make a travel blog was very unexpected: ”But Sandra, how can you connect your job and daily life with traveling?”

That was the moment, when I realized, that out there are so many people who would like to travel but they don’t know how, where and maybe even why to travel. In my blog ‘'MY SMALL TRAVEL GUIDE’' I am giving my best experience stories, travel tips, amazing photos, and everything that you want and need to know about traveling!

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travel stories week 41
travel stories week 41