Travel Stories Week 43

Travel Stories Week 43

Life of a Passion

What's your favourite place you have visited?

I think that would be Cambodia and Indonesia. Those places were so beautiful, I was so sad when I returned home! Cambodia was so relaxed and the Angkor Wat Complex is just astonishing! I was overwhelmed by its beauty! The nature in Indonesia was also overwhelming! Giant waterfalls, walking through the UNESCO protected rice fields of Jatiluwih, swimming with sea turtles and manta rays!

Travel Stories week 43
Travel Stories week 43

What’s the best thing you have seen while travelling?

That would be wildlife in Kenya! My parents and I decided to go to Kenya to see more wildlife after we saw the black rhino in Senegal. I saw three young cheetahs just chilling around the drinking hole, I saw a rock that eventually turned out to be a lioness, a leopard passed our jeep but most importantly I witnessed a lioness devouring a zebra. Those girls have a strategy: first they eat the eyes out (the juiciest part of the kill), then they’ll eat the intestines (in order to prevent the rotten smell that attracts vultures), after that one lioness stays with the kill to protect it, the rest will alert the male that dinner is ready.

P.S. Hakuna Matata really means No Worries!

Travel Stories week 43
Travel Stories week 43

What’s your best travel story?

I think that would be getting stuck on the subway in Budapest, Hungary. My friend and I didn’t noticed that we had reached the final stop and kept talking. Just when the subway started moving again we noticed we were the only ones left. We immediately knew that we had just missed the last stop because the subway stopped in a dark tunnel. It was dead silent. We started yelling for help, buzzed every button we could find to eventually hearing steps. It was the driver (laughing of course) and telling us she was changing sides and that we would be safe. Never again please!

Another travel story is when I ordered an orange smoothie and received Salmonella free of charge in Thailand. Worst night and days of my life! I couldn’t sleep from the pain the first night so I began to hallucinate due to sleep deprivation. I imagined that a golden temple was going to fall on me so I was punching the wall and screaming to make it stop. Turned out I was still in my bedroom and I had woken up my roommates. Photo below was taken after that rough night and where we visited the highest mountain in Thailand. Joy but dying at the same time!


Tell us about your blog

I started Life of a Passion in February 2017, after my citytrip to Budapest, Hungary. At that moment I lost over 20kg and decided to write down my weight loss journey in a blog. After my blog was online, people started to ask me about my travels for tips or sometimes an itinerary. I transformed my former blog into a travel blog to inspire fellow travellers. Life of a Passion was live!

Life of a what? Passion. When I travelled to the U.S., the officer at the immigration bureau couldn’t pronounce my last name. I went to Google Translate, typed in my last name and clicked on the sound button: Passchyn was pronounced as Passion. Life of a Passchyn? No. Life of a Passion! Everything I do, I do it with passion.

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