Travel Stories Week 48

Travel Stories Week 48

Sam Sees World

What's your favourite place you have visited?

With 22 countries visited and counting, this is very difficult to answer. Whenever I’m asked this question in person, I go into a long explanation of how every place I’ve visited is SO different & how each has its shining point. I love the history of Paris, the food in Italy, the people of Stockholm, the nature of Iceland. But if I had to choose a favourite it would be Amsterdam. I loved it so much when I visited the first time I moved here!

Amsterdam is the perfect combination of picturesque architecture, a buzzing atmosphere, and cute shops + cafes. Amsterdam truly is incredible and a haven for creatives like me!

Travel Stories Week 48
Travel Stories Week 48

What’s the best thing you have seen while travelling?

Despite all the many amazing and beautiful things I’ve seen on my travels, one thing tops them all. The Blue Lagoon in Iceland. I’m choosing this because unlike most other amazing things I’ve seen, this one is completely natural and not made by humans. The whole Lagoon is heated and made a vibrant blue naturally from our amazing earth.

Seeing this really put into perspective just how powerful and divine our Earth is. In addition, most travel locations I have been to are manipulated by man, while Iceland remains untouched and authentic. I really appreciate the pureness of this location.

Travel Stories Week 48
Travel Stories Week 48

What’s your best travel story?

In 2017 I went on an international exchange for school from Canada to the beautiful city of Amsterdam. Before leaving my family told me “Don’t meet a European boy and want to stay there!” & I told them of course not I was going to have fun and explore some European countries. Fast forward to one month into my exchange and an extremely handsome guy walks into a party. I immediately saw him and went up to introduce myself. I’d come to find out he’s from Switzerland and studying in the Netherlands as well.

After talking for a few minutes, it was over for both of us. We have been together ever since, and he is the best travel partner / Instagram photographer I could have ever asked for!

Isn’t it funny how when your parents tell you not you do something, you end up doing the exact opposite?

Travel Stories Week 48
Travel Stories Week 48

Tell us about your blog

Samantha Karen is the founder of the travel blog Sam Sees World.

I was born in Canada but have always had an innate craving for new experiences. This resulted has resulted in me moving overseas to Amsterdam where I have lived for 1.5 years.

I am on a mission to seek the new and unknown, while documenting my experiences to inspire others to travel this wonderous world!

Check out my blog for the top things to do in cities, the best restaurants, travel tips & tricks and city guides from her personal experiences.

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Travel Stories Week 48
travel stories week 48