Travel Stories Week 51

Travel Stories Week 51

Real Travels with V

What's your favourite place you have visited?

This is extremely hard because I tend to love just about every place I visit. If I had to choose, I would say Iceland. It is a beautiful country, and the largest city to contend with is Reykjavik. Most of our time was spent in the countryside or in small towns. Being from the country, that made us feel right at home! We went in March, so the crowds of tourists were smaller, and we lucked out with overall good weather. The Icelandic people we spoke with were always friendly and helpful.

The country is easy to navigate with points of interest well marked making it easy to find them. There are so many gorgeous waterfalls, including my favourite, Bjourofoss with its turquoise water! The glaciers are awesome, too. You can get so close to them without having to go on a tour. I also loved the fact that you never had to worry about hot water! Iceland, the land of fire and ice. It is a very modern country, yet with an abundance of raw nature. I hope I have the opportunity to go back and explore more of this wonderful country!

What’s the best thing you have seen while travelling?

I would have to say one of the best things I have seen while travelling is flowing lava. My husband and I went to the Big Island of Hawaii in 2008. We drove as far as we could, parked our car, then hiked out to the lava viewing sight. It was pouring rain, but we put our rain gear on and sucked it up. We got there early to secure a good viewing location, and eventually the rain magically let up. Then the sun went down. And oh, was it worth it! You could see the red lava flowing all the way down the hillside! The previous day we had taken a helicopter ride and saw where the lava was flowing into the ocean, but that wasn’t even close to comparing to the sight of it flowing down the hillside. It was amazing!

Travel Stories Week 51
Travel Stories Week 51

What’s your best travel story?

One of my best travel stories has to do with being a proud Mom. To give you a little background; my husband and both daughters pull a John Deere 6030 tractor at our local tractor pulls. In case you don’t know what a tractor pull is, basically, it is a competition where you hook a tractor up to an eliminator and see what tractor can pull the eliminator the longest distance.There are different classes for the various weights of tractors, amount of work done to the tractor to increase power, etc. You use strategies such as to how to weight your tractor for the conditions of the track, what area of the track to drive down, and what gear to go in. It is a hobby that my family participates in all summer long.

Now that you know that background, I’ll give you the rest of the story. My oldest daughter, along with a couple of her friends and I went on a road trip to Nashville, TN. Our first stop along the way was the highlight of the trip for my daughter. This was at the farm of Brad Walk, owner of My6030, a company who specializes in buying, selling, and customizing John Deere 6030 tractors and other John Deere tractors.

We arrived unannounced, so we really didn’t know what to expect. A gentleman came up to us and asked if he could help us. We told him that my daughter pulls a John Deere 6030 and we were hoping to see their collection of tractors. He made a phone call and we heard him say, “Brad, there are 4 pretty, young ladies here to see you. I don’t know what’s going on, but it looks fun.” Of course, I felt pretty good because I was included as a young lady! Ha-ha!

Travel Stories Week 51
Travel Stories Week 51

Brad dropped what he was working on and came back to the farm to meet us. He gave us a tour inside a couple of the sheds where we saw the 1st and last John Deere 6030s to leave the factory. We also got to pet his cute bulldog.

We were feeling quite lucky to have received the tour, especially since we arrived unannounced. But what happened next was more than my daughter ever could have dreamed of. Brad asked her if she wanted to drive HIS John Deere 6030 pulling tractor! She was about speechless! He talked her into it and had a couple of his hired hands get the tractors moved so they could get the pulling tractor out. She hopped up on it, he gave her a quick once over, and she took off! First, she drove it nice and easy, but then he told her to give it the coals, so she took it around again and let the smoke fly! She was in heaven!

I was such a proud Mom and thought this was such a cool experience for her. We all left there having had a great time, and with our own My6030 t-shirts!

Tell us about your blog

I have had a love of traveling since I was in 4th grade when my parents loaded up the car and we headed to Florida. For years I have contemplated how I can incorporate my love of traveling into something more. I not only love the actual vacation; I also love the planning process and giving people tips for their next vacation based on what I have learned.

I have a full-time job that I am not ready to give up, but as my kids grew older, I knew I wanted to do something more. That is where this blog came to be. I want to share my experiences and help people travel more. Many people find planning a vacation stressful. My goal is to reduce that stress by helping people with their own vacation plans with tips and itineraries from my own travels.

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