Travel Stories Week 53

Travel Stories Week 53

Verses by a Voyager

What's your favourite place you have visited?

I have been to only 9 countries so far with 38 cities in the UK, but if I have to pick my favourite, it has to be Cappadocia in Turkey. Cappadocia is undoubtedly magical with otherworldly beauty. It is indeed a town from another planet. I am an ocean person who loves water, sea and beaches. I always thought if I had to ever select my favourite place, it would be a coastal area, however, Cappadocia made me fall in love with itself. With cone-shaped formations and mushroom hills, this whimsical town has undeniable magic associated with it which definitely cast a spell on me.

What’s the best thing you have seen while travelling?

The UK is a country which is very close to my heart for many reasons. Mainly because I have spent the most wonderful year of my life there as a student and also because some of the best memories I have are from this beautiful country. The best thing I ever came across while travelling is the fairy-tale castle of Eilean Donan in Scotland. This castle was love at first sight for me. Proudly sitting at the meeting point of three lochs, Eilean Donan is straight out of a storybook. Although the place doesn’t give very lively vibes, the view of this castle from the opposite street is very surreal and captivating. In my little travel journey so far in life, I haven’t come across such beauty, yet.

Travel Stories Week 53
Travel Stories Week 53

What’s your best travel story?

Well, I do not have a very interesting travel story but for me, this experience is definitely the best. I come from a brown, traditional household where parents are not too comfortable with a girl travelling solo. Also, having a Pakistani passport doesn’t provide me with the ease of travelling anywhere in the world without going through rigorous procedures. However, in 2015 I had the first solo trip of my life when I travelled to Cornwall in the UK. It is a land of some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and there was no reason that an ocean lover wouldn’t love Cornwall. I am an introvert but when I travelled solo, I expressed myself more than ever before. I met strangers on the way, I spoke to them and realized how travelling solo sets your soul free. Random strangers passed me compliments and made me smile, some little kids came and shook hands while their grandparents greeted me smilingly. This solo trip made me realize that not every stranger is dangerous to get open with. It was indeed a very liberating experience. I never thought I would ever enjoy solo travelling so much but this one journey changed my perspective forever.

Tell us about your blog

I had the passion for writing since childhood and so I started this blog to share my experiences in the form of stories and turn my travel into tales. I do not aim to provide only general guidebook tips but write anecdotes of mine which form stories crafted to reveal more than a regular tourist experience. I always enjoyed storytelling and therefore one different element I wanted to add in my blog was the element of storytelling. Moreover, I am an engineer and always had been highly interested in Science and Technology. Therefore, I have added another element in my blog which is writing about integration of travel with technology and how advancement in technology is impacting and facilitating travel.

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Travel Stories Week 53
Travel Stories week 53