Travel Stories Week 55

Travel Stories Week 55

Traveling Summer

What's your favourite place you have visited?

How can you ask a traveler to pick their favorite location!?! That's a really tough question! If I am forced to pick, I would say Antarctica. It's a location on almost everyone's bucket list and is well worth its spot there. The landscape, nature and pure isolation make it a truly unique place. But for me, it was also the people I met on my trip that made it truly wonderful. I made friends who I am still in contact with today, and have even visited. 

What’s the best thing you have seen while travelling?

My best traveling experience was seeing wild cheetahs on safari in Kenya. My favorite things to see while traveling is gorgeous architecture and local wildlife. As a child I was obsessed with cheetahs, so seeing them live and up close was magical. A cheetah walked by the truck I was in and I nearly cried. I was shocked at how cat-like they seemed. I know that I can’t recreate that magical moment, but I can always go on safari again and experience even more interactions with cheetahs and other African animals.

Travel Stories Week 55
Travel Stories Week 55

What’s your best travel story?

One of my favorite travel stories highlights all the great things about traveling. While traveling in the Philippines I found myself, with a friend, in El Nido. We were going from hostel to hostel trying to find an open room when we met another group of travelers doing the same thing. As we were waiting to talk to the hostel receptionist we started chatting. After only a few minutes of talking, we got invited to join them on an overnight trip to a private island. They had been in El Nido a day longer than us and found that it was cheaper to hire a boat to take us to a private island for the night that it was to do an official tour. The next day we joined them in buying food and cheap Philippino rum and started planning for our night. That evening I hopped on a boat with people who 24hrs earlier had been complete strangers and headed to an uninhabited island to spend the night there. To say that night was incredible is an understatement. We talked, we drank, we went skinny dipping in bioluminescent waters. It was easily one of my favorite nights of my life. In the morning I woke up and watched the sunrise on an island in the middle of nowhere with people who became lifelong friends.

Tell us about your blog

As my blog name suggests, I am a Type A traveler. I like to have my travels well planned and intensely researched. I know other travelers like to fly by the seat of their pants, but not me. Sure, I love adventure, but I never want to end up in an unsafe situation! My obsessively organized trips led me to start own blog which gives other travelers information on how to properly plan for travel around the world. I also show people that you don’t have to quit your 9-5 job to travel the world. I am an Emergency Department nurse (my type A showing through again) but have still managed to travel to all seven continents. I also go on a medical mission trip to Honduras every year! Like me, you can explore the world one trip at a time, letting your passions lead you while still rocking an itinerary. So let my type A blog give you all the information you need to see this incredible world we live on.

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Travel Stories week 55
travel stories week 55