Travel Stories Week 56

Travel Stories Week 56

Traveling Summer

What's your favourite place you have visited?

I knew New Zealand would be beautiful but I was not prepared for Queenstown in the South Island. I want to live there one day! I actually hope and am working toward being able to teach skiing in that area for half of the year eventually. The vibe was so friendly and chilled out, it just immediately felt like home to me. However, Dubrovnik in Croatia is maybe my favorite destination and one I would definitely return to. The fortress walls are so unique and really set this city apart from all the beautiful European landmarks. 

What’s the best thing you have seen while travelling?

The most amazing natural wonder I have seen is the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. I got to snorkel there in 2017 and I highly recommend going soon as the reef is constantly deteriorating. I have snorkeled before and always enjoy seeing beautiful fish and coral, but the GBR was quite special. I loved seeing the sea turtles as well! The Northern Lights in Iceland didn't quite hold up to the hype of photos for me, but I think the GBR won't disappoint. 

The most amazing manmade wonders I've seen are ancient ruins from Uxmal, Mexico and Pompeii, Italy. Pompeii was a new experience and not at all what I was expecting from time in other ruins. Uxmal is smaller than Chichen Itza and you can actually climb the Mayan pyramids. Looking out over the trees was incredible. I nearly had a heart attack climbing down the narrow steps, but I will never forget it. I plan to visit Machu Picchu in a few months and can't wait. 

Travel Stories Week 56
Travel Stories Week 56

What’s your best travel story?

I was flying to Merida, Mexico for just a weekend to visit my dad who used to live there part of the year. The only direct flight to Merida is once a day from Dallas. Unfortunately, there was a huge delay at my starting airport and I missed my flight. Not wanting to wait 24 hours (and miss half my weekend there!) I agreed to take a connecting flight through Mexico City. When I arrived at midnight, I had to transfer terminals. To do that you have to take the city bus! I didn't have any pesos yet and was trying to explain in my basic Spanish. The man behind me paid my fare and helped me get to the next terminal. Mexico City might be a dangerous destination to some and I was intimidated to be there, outside the airport, alone, as a female traveler, late at night. However, I was only shown kindness and was able to reach Merida.

Tell us about your blog

After I left my corporate job in journalism to become a ski and snowboard instructor I started traveling a lot. Our seasonal work allowed me months at a time to backpack and I took full advantage. But I didn't fully form a goal for myself until I talked to a professional cyclist who had been to 30 countries, for work, and was 41. I realized I could see even more of the world if I wanted to and focused my resources! Just a few months later I launched Traveling Summer in fall 2018 and have since visited 10 countries and will go to four more in a few months. I want to inspire others to meet their own travel goals and share my stories and tips from all the places I've been lucky to see. A lot of travel blogs get started by someone with a former corporate position, but I think my seasonal job lends a unique perspective as my yearly income has dropped dramatically and I'm still managing to travel. Plus I share insights from my job in the winter sports industry!

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