Travel Stories Week 57

Travel Stories Week 57

Checking it off the list

What's your favourite place you have visited?

I get asked this question a lot amongst friends and family who do not travel as much I do. It is always a very difficult question to answer, but my two favorite places are Peru and Alaska. When I was in Peru, I hiked the Inca Trail with 6 friends, and it was the most amazing experience. Hiking 26+ miles across mountains, over 14K feet was a physical and emotional accomplishment I had never dreamed of doing. It created a bond and memories with these 6 friends, which will last a lifetime.

Alaska is also a favorite not only because the scenery is breathtaking, but I toured Alaska for 2 weeks with 20 friends celebrating my 50th birthday. Having all of them celebrate this milestone was one of my top life’s moments.

What’s the best thing you have seen while travelling?

Visiting Alaska last summer, there were several moments that brought tears to my eyes. Standing on the deck of The Spirit of Adventure of Major Marine tours, we saw the calving of Aialik Glacier. I felt as though I had first hand witnessed God’s power and glory like many did in biblical times.

On the same trip, we flew on a sea plane to Katmai National Park. Seeing the brown bears salmon fishing at Brooks Falls and witnessing them in their own habitat left me in awe.

Travel Stories Week 57
Travel Stories Week 57

What’s your best travel story?

While my Peru and Alaska trip had some great stories, the one I enjoy re-telling the most is when I was visiting Thailand with my best friend. We were in Chiang Mai and had rented bicycles for the day with very loose directions to a lake approximately 10-15 miles outside the city.

We were on our way, when I get a flat tire far from the busy streets of Chiang Mai. We stop at a local school and proceed to ask for help in slow, loud English with the hope someone would help us. After several rounds of people looking for a tire pump, the security guard waves us along with our bicycles into a stranger’s pickup truck. Thinking he was taking us back to the bicycle shop, we realize this isn’t the case when we start heading away from the city. After several minutes in a truck with someone we didn’t know or speak the same language, he pulls into a repair shop for someone to fix my bicycle. It was a classic case of a good Samaritan helping out 2 girls desperately in need.

Tell us about your blog

I decided to start my blog when my 9-5 Director level position was eliminated in the corporate world. I thought it would be fun to share my stories along with all the items left “unchecked” from my bucket list.

You can read about my adventures which includes many of the United States National Parks.

I have recently started a travel planning service with hopes of inspiring others to travel and experience new things.

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