Travel Stories Week 58

Travel Stories Week 58

The Great Wide Somewhere

What's your favourite place you have visited?

I’m so thankful for the great places I’ve been able to see. I think my absolute favorite spot, though, is Catalina Island, California. The natural beauty here is stunning! There are lots of desert plants, beautiful mountains, with the ocean surrounding it. I loved renting bikes here, which helped me see lots of spots I would have otherwise missed.

What’s the best thing you have seen while travelling?

I’ve seen stunning architecture and gorgeous natural beauty. I think the best thing was in Santa Cruz, California when I saw dozens and dozens of sea lions hanging out under the wharf. Their barking was adorable, and I stopped at every opening to admire them. I had never seen a sea lion in the wild before this experience, which made it really special.

Travel Stories Week 58
Travel Stories Week 58

What’s your best travel story?

My best travel story was not very good when it happened, but was such a good learning experience.  I was traveling alone and had a long layover in London. I decided to go out in the city for the day during that time, and I had all of the details planned. All but one big one.  

I got off the plane and got to customs. There were two options: “London is your final destination” or “connecting flights”.  Since I had a connecting flight, I went through that line. I went through with ease and came out on the other side….only to find that you aren’t allowed to leave the airport past that line of security.  I was crushed and frustrated. I tried to stay strong since I was traveling alone, but I found a bathroom stall to have a good cry.

I learned that I could leave the airport on the hour if I was escorted. I wasted about forty-five minutes until a security guard came for me. He led me through all sorts of restricted areas, which looking back, is kind of cool! I was still pretty deflated, all of my emotional energy exhausted.  

I found the place to leave my carry-on and bought a pass for the Tube (London’s metro). I slumped into the seat, exhausted. We drove through tunnels for a bit until suddenly, the track moved above ground.  Adorable English homes filled my view and at that moment, it hit me. I was in London, getting to explore a city I had long dreamt about! My emotions were revived, and I ended up having a fantastic day.

That experience helped shape why I wanted to become a travel blogger. Travel can be intimidating! I want to share city guides and travel tips to remove as much of that intimidation as possible. I hope that travelers, especially women travelers, can use this as a resource to grow in their travel confidence and remove fear as a barrier.

Tell us about your blog

I started The Great Wide Somewhere in January 2019 after dreaming of it for years.  I love to write, travel, and inspire others, so a travel blog felt like a great fit.  I hope that my experiences can inspire others to make travel memories for themselves! I share lots of travel tips to help female travelers feel confident.  I also have travel guides, letting you know the best things to see in a destination, including some of my favorite hidden gems.

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