Travel Stories Week 60

Travel Stories Week 60

Happily Ever Travels

What's your favourite place you have visited?

My very favourite place in the world is Cinque Terre in Italy. Usually, the crowds would be a turn-off, but for some reason, it just added to the charm of the place. Visiting during the summer, there are mostly local Italians finding any place they can to jump off a cliff. The water is clear and clean and the colourful buildings cascading down the hill are some of the best views in the entire world.

What’s the best thing you have seen while travelling?

I don't think I could narrow it down to one thing, but the most recent incredible thing that we've seen while travelling was a real-life Geisha in Kyoto. We had gone searching for one in all the wrong places and then when we were heading home to our hotel I happened to spot one turning a corner. She came and disappeared so fast it just seemed magical like spotting a fairy.

Travel Stories week 60
Travel Stories week 60

What’s your best travel story?

Usually, good travel stories happen when something goes wrong but ends up turning out okay in the end. One of the craziest things that we've done while travelling was when we went to Flores to go on the Komodo Dragon tour. After the tour, I realized that I had booked the flight for a day later than planned so we had an extra day to kill.

We decided to rent a motorbike and head up into the mountains in search of a waterfall. At the time, in 2016, the island was still developing and there weren't many tourists off the beaten path. We ended up driving through the jungle and into a small village. An elderly woman came running out of her hut with her mouth covered in red and wearing no shoes. She showed us where to park the bike and then started walking down towards the waterfall.

She spoke almost no English and unlike other countries we had been to, she was extremely kind and wasn't only worried about getting money from us. On the way there she even climbed a tree and broke open a durian for us to eat! We walked through rice paddies and jungle until we got to the completely deserted waterfall where we swam all by ourselves.

On the way back, a huge rainstorm hit and lightning was striking close by. She was able to communicate that it was pretty dangerous and that we needed to stay by her side. When we finally got back, she ushered us into her house and made us rice while giving us a change of clothes. It was one of the most generous and loving experiences I have had while travelling, and it just happened to be on Thanksgiving.

Tell us about your blog

I am a brand new travel blogger at Happily Ever Travels, although not a new traveller! I started this blog only a few months ago in order to share our budget travel tips with more than just family and friends. We have been travelling full-time for almost 3 years and visited 30 countries so far with no plans of stopping.

I believe that anyone can travel and that money shouldn't be a factor. We make less than $15,000 a year teaching online (that's both of us combined!) and we can travel as well as save money. If travel is really what you want, there is always something you can sacrifice to get where you want to go. Let me teach you how on my blog!

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