Travel Stories Week 7

Travel Stories Week 7


What is the best place you have visited?

By far it has to be Koh Tao! We instantly fell in love with Koh Tao the moment we visited the island. In fact, we liked it so much, we returned to the island after just one day. We returned to complete our Open water/Advanced diving courses. The reason why we loved it so much was because it was one of our first chances we got to dive together (as a three). For anyone who has visited Koh Tao they will know how awesome it is to dive there!

What is the best sight you have seen while on your travels?

Well it has to be the Northern Lights in Iceland! One of the most surreal moments of our travelling lives. Seeing them dance around in the sky after trying so hard to see them over four days was an amazing moment. We recently visited Norway to try and see them again but unfortunately, we had no luck.


What is your best travel story?

Wow this is one is so hard to choose. I don’t know if we can pick a “best” one as there have been so many “best” moments. An incredibly funny one, was on the Thai island of Koh Phi Phi. We had just come back from an all-day booze cruise, completed the ‘Grenade Challenge’ at Blanco’s Beach Bar, before taking over as the hostel reps! We were making people complete the limbo before coming up to us and pouring drinks in their mouth... safe to say the hostel ran out of drink pretty quickly!

Tell us about your blog....

Our blog is mainly focused on our own travel experiences. However, we do have travel guides, and tips on how we travel on the cheap as students, but still are able to experience the world in the most amazing ways. Something that we pride ourselves on and have been complimented many times for doing, is being as honest as possible. We don’t try and just say “Oh wow that was awesome” just because we did it. If it wasn’t good or worth the money then we say it. We try and write in a style that is easy for people to read and that they know what is good to do in a place and what is worth missing out. We find that from our trips we write about the things we wish we could find prior to our trip. Basically, we just want to share our experiences and make the lives of other travellers easier!

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Travel Stories week 7
Travel Stories week 7