Travel Stories Week 8

Travel Stories Week 8


What's your favourite place you have visited?

We have been in so many places and all of them are different. Obviously, there is a place we love more than others, but we think sometimes you love more a place than another because of the company, or weather can influence you. Anyway, we have really loved our stay in Nice, Cotè Azur in France. Despite the cold month, January, and the uncertain weather we enjoyed it with a couple of sunny days. We have strolled around for four days, had to visit Monaco, Cannes and Antibes. This city is amazing and really nice, despite the common thinking about the overpriced place, seems this is not true in the reality. We didn't spend too much even for the flight, it cost us just 10£ return, and the accommodation for 4 nights in an entire place took on air bnb less than 100£. The city is small and you can get around by public transport at a cheap price.

What’s the best thing you have seen while travelling?

The best things we can remember is the view from the Tour Eiffel in December, at night, during the Christmas period. It is something we cannot take out of our mind, was one of our first trips together and remain in our mind forever.


What’s your best travel story?

When we were on the point to lose the flight in Brussels for come back to London. But the story is more interesting. We were on the way back to London from Naples, after Christmas. At the arrival, we landed in Charleroi, the low-cost airport in the south of Brussels. We spent two days in the Belgium Capital and at the return, we took the bus to Charleroi again to the airport, almost 1h and 20 minutes away. At the airport, we were looking on the table about our flight but nothing appears. So we were thinking we were in the wrong terminal and went to the Terminal 2. At this terminal, there was no flight on that day.

This was the point when we realized we were at the wrong airport. Almost crying we were looking for all possible solutions for come back in London at least the day after. The train, other flight, rent a car. All the solutions were too expensive and we need to be back at work.

In the meantime, we lose the first return bus to the centre of Brussels and we were queueing for the second. Our flight was at the main airport in Brussels, just 20 minutes away from the central station where the bus stop. Alessia checked the flight again, and it was in delay of 1 h 45 minutes. Incredible! We didn't believe it! So we started to think, we could catch it.

We arrive at the central station and were looking for the train. After two wrong branches, many mistakes in making the ticket and all the central station of Brussels helping us and clapping us after taking the train. Lol. We were on the way for the Airport.

At the airport, the assistant at the control give us the pass for the fast track, but the bag was blocked at the control. The guys at the station and the police at the board understand the situation and really fast gave us the access to catch our flight.

Running like crazy, waving the hand in the air for let know we were running to the cabin crew. We made it. We did it thanks to all the people helped us.

Tell us about your blog...

We are an Italian Travel Couple based in London, from here we start all our journey. We blog about our journey and our life as an expatriate. We have been in so many countries so far in those two years of travels and now we are doing a big challenge. Twelve countries in Twelve month while working both full time.

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Travel Stories week 8
Travel Stories week 8